My girlfriend is going to be an elementary school teacher. This is her handwriting.

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Red Sofa on Etsy ~ Norse Rune Rings.

So beautiful. 

OH MAN if I felt more comfortable wearing runes these would be my fingers forever.

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++The Cold Wind of France++




Top - Original clean line version of the Ever After High Cerise Wolf Character artwork for the box art. I was working off of some photos of the doll prototype, so I couldn’t clearly see the smaller details, which is why her patterns are super rough placeholders and her boots and arm bands have fur trim instead of the leafy motif they have in the final. There’s only so far you can zoom in before it’s just a jumble of pixels, and apparently pixely leaves look like fur to me.

Bottom - The final version that I turned in to Mattel. Her cape was originally a little longer as you can see in the top version. It was shortened so it would fit onto the box dimensions better, and her head changed a bit. Her head was by far the most difficult part of the process. Drawing it the right size and on model (well, as on model as I could get it) took quite a few passes. For someone who rarely draws anything so intricately detailed, I was pretty proud of myself for not totally bricking on this piece.


The Sword of Temporal Justice

  • Maker: Zandona Ferrara (bladesmith, active circa 1600)
  • Additional creators: Rundell Bridge & Rundell (jeweller)
  • Dated: 1821 (scabbard)
  • Medium: iron, steel, copper, wood with scabbard of leather, velvet, silver gilt
  • Measurements: 116.5 x 99.3 cm
  • Acquirer: Charles I, King of Great Britain (1600-49), when King of Great Britain (1625-49)
  • Provenance: probably supplied for the coronation of Charles I in 1626

The sword has a gilt-iron hilt with a wooden, wire-bound grip, the steel blade tapering to a leaf-shaped point; symbols like open lozenges are stamped in the gutters with the maker’s name. Velvet-covered leather scabbard with gold embroidery and silver-gilt mounts.

This sword, known as the Sword of Temporal Justice, is one of three swords which are carried unsheathed, pointing upwards, in the coronation procession.

This sword is accompanied by the Sword of Spiritual Justice and the Sword of Mercy (with a blunted tip). The practice of carrying three swords, representing kingly virtues, dates back to the coronation of Richard the Lionheart in 1189.

The three swords were made for the coronation of Charles I in 1626 and then placed with the regalia in Westminster Abbey. Together with the coronation spoon, these three works were the only pieces to survive the Civil War and Interregnum untouched.

It is not known whether they were used in the coronation procession of Charles II, but they have certainly been used since 1685. A new scabbard was made for the sword in 1821 for the coronation of George IV.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Royal Collection Trust/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Has this been done yet or….?

i am ashamed



Homestuck has a better depiction of friendship and relationships between young people than shows about friendships and relationships between young people and it’s about fucking superpowers meta video games and time traveling misogynist demons.

I think I accidentally wrote a Homestuck ad?







Real talk is flowing from his mouth like a damn fountain.

sick sick sick burns

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ladies first

I said many ignorant people nowadays thought ‘Frankenstein’ was the name of the monster, and not of the scientist who created him.
[Mary Shelley] said, ‘That’s not so ignorant after all. There are two monsters in my story, not one. And one of them, the scientist, is indeed named Frankenstein.’

Kurt Vonnegut

God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian

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Orlando, who was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cipriani restaurant on Wednesday night, was very, very angry, when Justin, who didn’t have a reservation at the eatery, approached their table to try to talk to the actors.

DiCaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand, leading Bieber to provoke a fight which saw Bloom jump over a sofa to get at the 20-year-old Baby singer at the restaurant.

(x) this just keeps getting better

dicaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand


god, bieber is such a prick

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