I honestly can’t think of a name for it. And I know I switched up the crown. I liked the idea of a combined Oblivion with the Kingdom Key design with some adjustments. ANd I’m also now noticing that it might not be fulling aligned.

I can’t tell if its because I’m confident in some of my artwork. Or just that I RARELY SEE really cool keyblades that are non-canon.

I need to find my Pirates of the Caribbean one…and my Alice in Wonderland. I can’t find that journal. They were also really fucking good.

sallux asked:
Multiplies of 5???

5. What was your favorite boss fight? Why?

  • I am actually quite fond of the 1000 heartless fight in KH2, but I think my heart(ahahaah) goes to the Dream Drop Distance fight against Young Xehanort. Something about it was just a lot of fun, the dream eater Org Cloak comes in second. They challenged me to change my usual combat approach which is why I had a lot of fun, they were also really emotionally charged, like Sora’s fight against Xemnas in DDD.

10. What is your least favorite game? Why?

  • This is a toughie, having played all but KH:Chi, I’d probably have to go with COM, however I love the story of it, just the combat mechanics are dreadful. Even if they did pave the way for an amazing combat system implemented in BBS.

15. What is your favorite trio? Why?

  • This is a toughie, there are a lot of trios in The KH verse, and a bit of fours(if we count the hayner, pence, collete, roxas), and while I really want to go with the first three introduced. I really think I’m going to have to hand it to Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Were we to get more on Xehanort, Eraqus, and Yen Sid, i’d call them a trio I like. But Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, (with Mickey and Vanitas tacked on) are probably my favorite group. I can’t fully appreciate the first three of Sora Riku Kairi as they haven’t let us play as Kairi yet.

20. Donald or Goofy?

  • Goofy. He is powerful, reliable, hardy. He never fails to make me laugh, or cry(goofy movie), and really never leaves my party.

25. Kairi or Naminé?

  • Kairi. It is really close between the two, but Kairi wins out as she wants to help since the very beginning, and once she finally gets a keyblade before the end of KH2, you see her going straight to work fighting(however slopily, but give leeway both Riku and Sora were self trained as well[props go to Riku however for more refinement but his weapon was sized appropriately unlike Sora’s Keyblade]) So I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with her next. Hopefully good.

30. Coliseum Tournament or Struggle?

  • Coliseum Tournament EASY. I loved struggle as Roxas in the beginning, it was quirky, fun, and would probably be something I do were it real, but OH MY GOODNESS. Going back as Sora and having to do them was just a nuisance I think.

35. OT3?

  • I don’t quite even know what that means and it makes me thing it’s just which is my favorite trio which has already been asked.

40. Any pet peeves about Kingdom Hearts in general?

  • This is tricky to say, I really enjoy so much of it, honestly my complaints lie solely with the earlier games mechanically. They’ve done WONDERS with the story retroactively and I really want to see them to delve complexly into the game. AND NOT decide to not detail content because it will overcomplicate the game. 

Kingdom Hearts III (Imagined) - Frozen World Battle Theme

(SDKjlf;asdfjk;l this is great)

I really need to set some time aside to play Dream Drop Distance on Critical Mode again.

Because it let me have such a good refresher to the series.

ALSO…Please someone talk to me about KH. I seriously miss talking about it but I have no one to talk with. No one around me locally understands it and I don’t see the point of spending lots of time to write a post that doubtful anyone will read as is per usual of my blog and long posts.

last good chat I had was over a year ago and it was explaining Xehanort. So much more….heck even still the origin and such of keyblades.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3D Play 

Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai

Square Enix has uploaded images of two new Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai featuring Sora and Riku. The two of them are  in their Kingdom Hearts 3D attire with both their starter Keyblades (Way to the Dawn & Kingdom Key) as well as two other Keyblades. The prototypes were introduced at Jump Festa 2013. The images were uploaded to Hidemi Matsuzuka’s Facebook page.

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KH 1.5 cover released + English release confirmation



Jesse McCartney leaked the confirmation via twitter that there will be a English track release of KH 1.5 by posting a recording booth session picture of Roxas cutscenes in the background as well as a Youtube video of him recording battle SFX.



I think Disney got mad for him posting though, it disappeared shortly after posting.

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You are now aware that the introduction song of Kingdom Hearts, “Dearly Beloved,” represents a heartbeat.


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For Sora’s sake, I’ll do whatever it takes.

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