EVERYONE SHOULD GO READ  ICE REVOLUTION because it’s a great manga about figure skating.

seriously go fucking do it

Cosplayer: Env0

Character: Judal [Magi, The Magical Labyrinth] 

Convention: Anime Iowa, Iowa City

Photographer: Moonlight Meika

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I don’t know if I ever shared this picture of me as Judal! from Anime Iowa! (Felt like resharing this)


Hey Tumblr. Let’s have a quick talk.

Today is an interesting and productive day. Today, I released my third hip-hop album, Natural (Influence): The World and What We Made of it in 2013.

This is the culmination of 3 years worth of change, death, rebirth, joy, and all those little inbetween, piddily emotions that escape explanation by a good adjective.

Honestly, it would mean THE WORLD to me if you gave it a listen, shared it with friends, played it for other music connoisseurs/snobs, reposted this on the social media of your choice (I’m a redditor, tumblr-er, facebooker, twitter-er, and vine-er) or even (wildly enough) bought it. I’ll take it all.

Either way, if you’re interested, do some finger-walking over to the AMS Bandcamp page, and catch some of the songs in the stream. If you like it, say so PLEASE!!!! If you think it could be better, say that TOO!!!! Good musicians, not just rappers, do indeed crave constructive criticism.

If you do buy it, drop me a line here, or in the purchaser’s comments on Bandcamp. I’d love to hear from you. Oh, and you’ll catch some cool stuff with your purchase, including a digital lyrics book, so you can read along with all the extended metaphors and cadence switches.

Thanks again, all. Much love. Share this one, if you dig it. And toss me a like on my NERD KING MUSIC FANDOM PAGE on Facebook.

Hey guys definitely give this a listen, and purchase if you can. He’s a great guy with great words, thoughts, ideas, and music. 

"I came for you; I came back home."
"I welcome you, Shinta."

"A child...Even a child can commit murder. However..."

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Submission time!

Inori Yuzurihafrom Guilty Crown

Cosplayer: Rirukuo [TM / dA]
Photographer: Danarki

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Characters:Aki - Artist: Humio

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Samurai X-Heart of Sword

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