I think this pretty much sums up me cosplaying ever.

I apparently cant take serious photos. These are feom anime central.
Id appreciate if someone could do the details…better im stuck on mobile

Looks like I get to try my hand at a gun prop cosplay mp5 toy gun. Would have worked perfectly. Any tips on making this

I met a teacher st my sisters water polo practice she coaches. He teaches middle achool and his favorite student comes to class dressed like death the kid from soul eater. A lot apparently. And he loves it cause he has no idea what it is or who it is but she could not give a fuck what people think about her. I think its very brave and admirable at any age. You go girl.

Any legend of zelda cosplayers at acen interested in fairy jars, milk jars, potions, and such?

I have jars that are perfect for it.
Youd have to seal it yourself and fill it but seriously these lil buggers are perfect.

Ill probably jist give them away csuse i didnt get around yo making them into product due to stress and sachool


Felt like posting these up here before tomorrow on facebook. I am proud of how far I have come in the last 4 months, I was already strong but its always good to push yourself. Interestingly enough I think I still weigh pretty much the same think I gained 3 lbs in total, it it really was a clean shred. 

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nudist beach ><

I needed this cause I couldn’t find a picture of Sanageyama in his nudist beach uniform. I think I could easily make that for aCen.

Oh yeah everyone.

I plan on bringing the following to anime central this year.
Judal from magi
Madd Hatter from my mind and other texts
Kenshin Himura -battousai from rurouni kenshin/samurai x/ trustxbetrayal
Jin from samurai champloo
Avatar Wan from Legend of Korra

I might be able to sneak a Sanosuke Sagara in from kenshin Or a Ryu or Ken from street fighter.

Just need to make tops and wigs from my samurai, and ALL OF WAN. I need more experience and competance at making things.

elkempress asked:
omo please cosplay that cassim. cassim cosplayers are needed in this fandom. you should also totally read the manga! though it is hell waiting from week to week for new chapters. orz;; but it just gives you time to come up with your own crazy theories.

Im currently one episode behind in the anime. I think my Judal cosplay is FUCKING AMAZING I love the style and while Im not tan enough for Kassim…I would have the dark character. Maybe Ill make him for anime Iowa. Ill send the picture to Beki and ask if I can commission her to dread it for me. The armor would be the hardest part I think. (since I’d make the wrapped parts actually seperate. Fuck that binding it down thing. this mentality might be the doom of me later)

This is true I have seen NO kassim cosplayers. I’ve considered Alibaba because duh, Hakuryu because spear, his brother who’s name escapes me right now (pink hair)…

Some reason dark characters are my cosplay calling I think.

If I got help with this cosplay I’d be on top of it. It’s just even more daunting than Judal’s Wig.

For anime central even Kenshin Himura and Avatar Wan won’t be as looming.

I just wish my cosplay got more attention to motivate me into seeing myself do more of it. Cause I have a blast doing it, I just don’t get much feedback (HUGE SHOUTOUT TO DAWN AND NATALIE AND THEY”RE FRIENDS THOUGH, because they super made me happy about cosplay for having fun, and meeting people who I thought were amazing cosplayers to be only complimented back for my own.)

tl;dr I would love assistance with that kassim cosplay.(does he actually return or is it solely fan art because… I don’t care about spoilers, but curious. It’d be really cool but I get the more metaphorical Kassim is internally part of Alibaba now, as with the dark rukh nestling a place in him as well)

Cosplayer: Env0

Character: Judal [Magi, The Magical Labyrinth] 

Convention: Anime Iowa, Iowa City

Photographer: Moonlight Meika

_ _ _ _ _

I don’t know if I ever shared this picture of me as Judal! from Anime Iowa! (Felt like resharing this)

Hey cosplayers, I got a question for you

With Arda’s black friday sale coming up. I figured I’d see if I can snag a wig for Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin during his Battousai …phase.

Would it be better to short wig +long clip ponytail or medium/long wig ?

Im still VERY new to the world of wigs but IM not certain

but these base images give me a sourcework of where to go. Since I’m not doing his old style hair. His more clean cut apple red hair is my goal. forward fringe and a pony tail.

Happy Halloween tthat I never posted