"I came for you; I came back home."
"I welcome you, Shinta."

Kenshin Himura (Sato Takeru) / Kamiya Kaoru (Emi Takei) 

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*is dead from tender memories of first OTP ever*

Fascination Log: Ruroken Movie Scenes: Part 6 - Under Umbrella


As we know Kenshin was badly injured during his visit to the Police Station (link):

He had to fight in the dirt under the rain… So no wonder Kaoru brought him spare umbrella. (That was not very clever of her btw cause if she had only one umbrella they could walk under it together.)

But Kenshin can’t take it because it seems half of Tokyo has heard Kenshin and Saito talking. The part about “you are bloody hitokiri” must have been really loud because both Kaoru and Sano seem to have heard it.



Said that Kenshin walks away. Because of reasons. But…


That was not to be expected from seventeen-years-old girl…


So Kenshin gives Kaoru a look which I interpret like


Though meaning “Am I in heaven” is also possible.

That’s all we know about this beautifully executed romantic scene. I could add only that Kenshin’s dirty kimono is really impressive - remember, he still wears his “rurouni” get-up and by that we could guess that this scene is located quite early in the movie.

Maybe after events of this scene Kaoru finally decides to give Kenshin something decent to wear (and being a girl she had only one spare kimono and it’s red).

This scene is most likely followed by the scene generally known as “Kenshin chilling out in the dojo, cooking food and saving some opium-making female doctor”.

Note: The man who is after Kenshin must be Jine (Kenshin can’t have meant Saito with all due respect).

P.S. OTP feels!

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OTP | Himura Kenshin x Kamiya Kaoru

If I stay here.. Miss Kaoru and the others will be in danger, whenever I become the Battousai. I can’t stay here any longer.

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