Today’s hairatyle

It feels odd using a different angle and mirror for selfies.
I dont know how I feel about it

Post shower. And tamed

The night is dark and full of my laziness..

Im so lame. I dont even get creative I just fucking layer clothes. What the fuck I’m so lame. Im taking pictures of myself in my bathroom mirror because I dont want to get caught using the one in the hall. The good thst came of this is I like hoe my hair looks I guess….

My hair can do too many things its not fair for others.

Imagine the softest thing you can. My hair is better.


Also Akbar said I looked like fabio

Had Chinese and chocolate cake to celebrate taking mt cset. And essentially finishing mt first quarter of TED.
And I felt…like I looked awesome today

Today was a good day. And I get to go to a Tony Bennett concert tonight at Wente.

My hair did a thing and I liked it.

my hair is deceptive.

and im procrastinating.

Today has been alright. But my internet for some reason is really shitty at anything

Finished 08th ms team. Onto zeta gundam

I had 6 hours of class today. Long day at csueb.