1 vote scarf (just a bit looser) anyone? I’m torn. they’re both intensely viable. and will be worn with a duffle coat(wool)



Osiria Rose has a lovely two color combination of blood-red petals on the inside and silvery white on the outside

This is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

This is why I think roses are my favorite flowers….

(Source: unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream)


Steam punk fashion


Oh my I think I have a new favorite, someone edited this for me out of the blue. It was very kind of her my other favorite photo of me is actually one she edited. <3

i love your piercings and eyes.


i look like a vampire, lol. 

you just went hairspray/straightener happy didn’t you Sydney?


Another necklace giveaway!

This time its a gold and black pocket watch pendant.

Chain is approx 18inch.

No more than 10 reblogs per blog

Likes don’t count

Post must have at least 200 notes to take place.

I will ship anywhere in the world!

Good luck!


Giveaway ends 15th December, just in time for xmas!


I went dark. c: