Today’s hairatyle

Yup bout it.
Doubled up a ponytail. Then wrapped it through the space between the two.

It feels odd using a different angle and mirror for selfies.
I dont know how I feel about it

Post shower. And tamed

The night is dark and full of my laziness..

I think this pretty much sums up me cosplaying ever.

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Handwriting challenge.
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Get to know me!

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

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Name: Chris/Env0

Birthday: July 27th, ‘92

Favorite color: Black/white aesthetic. Earth tones:brown/green. Blues. PURPLE

Lucky numbers: 3,4, 7, and 9 

Height: 5’12” (I’m not QUITE 6ft. I’m like .. .2 inches short.

Talents: Writing, dancing, martial arts, most anything kinesthetic, teaching.

Last dream you remember: I think it was about Austin.

Can you juggle: Yup.

Art/sports/both: I write stories and poetry. I breakdance, i do flow arts, I do two martial arts, I aggressive inline, I freerun, etc.

Do you like writing: Yuuuuuuus!

Do you like dancing: Love it!

Do you like singing:  ONly when I’m driving or jamming to tunes

Fantasies: Guild Swordsman

Dream vacation: Somewhere I’ve never been rich with scenery, color, and history.

Dream guy/gal: Shorter than me, appearance as vibrant as her personality.

Dream wedding: IDK whatever my bride wants

Dream pet:  A cat and maybe a dog. Preferably a tiger

Dream job: Teacher….stay at home dad. video game story writer.

Favorite album:  [Super Happy Fun Club-All Funned Up]

Last song you heard on the radio: idk

Least favorite song: shit idk

Least favorite album:  idfk

Least favorite artist:  idfk

Guys/girls/both: girls. I sometimes wish I could say guys as well as there are some fiiiine guys out there but nawp.

Hair color: Minimal preference

Eye color: Ones I can get lost in.

Humorous/serious: I enjoy a comfortable balance of the two

Taller/shorter: shorter

Biggest turn-off: Ignorance

Biggest turn-on: Leg coverings

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Look at more of these lame selfies I took.

Im so lame. I dont even get creative I just fucking layer clothes. What the fuck I’m so lame. Im taking pictures of myself in my bathroom mirror because I dont want to get caught using the one in the hall. The good thst came of this is I like hoe my hair looks I guess….

My hair can do too many things its not fair for others.

Imagine the softest thing you can. My hair is better.

Look whos homestuck trash now!

Thank you so much rika for the amazing horns. They look and feel great.
Its only easy steps feom here!!!

Im excited. They feel super comfortable. And the box even makes for Super amazing holding and transportation! !