I like…used a haitie to tie my hair from the pony tail down my hair.

Almost done with class.. I did something new with my hair that I will take a photo of later tonight.

My hair is huge

My sister won really expensive shades.

And gave me an early christmas gift….

Work tonight was….hectic. too many difficult customers and transactions. At least we had a few nice ones to balance it out.

/Env0 out. Fucking relax time. Nada to do tomorrow.

Shaved y face. Still feels kinda weird. As though I had missed spots. But I KNOW I didn’t miss…. goddamn hair.

Oh god I thought I posted this hours ago

I tried putting my shirt on today and it didnt want to agree. Its too free spirited and following the #boysincroptops2k14.

Just got back from class at hayward.

Why didnt I do this for my shawl for judal.

I realize how rather ridiclous my room looks now that It is almost all in one picture. I mean there is A LOT more on the others walls but still holy wow.

I got this new express hoodie at work today

Today’s hairatyle